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The intent of the sign ordinance is to enhance the beauty of Murray, to protect the public welfare, and to preserve the aesthetic qualities of the City. Please contact the Planning Department before erecting any signage at 270-762-0350 x. 1130.

No sign shall be placed in the public right-of-way.

When is a Sign Permit required? A sign permit is required prior to the installation, relocation, expansion, construction or structural alteration of any sign.

City of Murray Zoning Ordinances regarding signage click here.

For a sign permit application click here

Temporary Signs
Signs are limited to 2 per proprietor, not to exceed 32 square feet each. A $10 permit fee and permit is required.

Political Campaign Signs
Political campaign signs provided they are kept on private property, shall be removed within fourteen (14) days after the election.  Signs are limited to eight (8) square feet and one (1) sign per candidate, per lot with the bottom of the sign no higher than two (2) feet from ground level. Placement of campaign signs on public property such as traffic signs, utility light poles or buildings is prohibited and if found, will be removed at the cost of the candidate.

Yard Sale Signs
Permitted only on property of the sale.

Prohibited Signs

Appeals may be made to the Board of Zoning Adjustments


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