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Planning Commission


The Planning Commission was established to promote economic, physical and social welfare of the City and to coordinate the harmonious development of land, buildings and transportation facilities.


Member Position Term Expires
Bobby Deitz County Appointed 12/19/2020
David Roberts 11/12/2024
Jim Foster 02/12/2023
John Krieb Vice Chair 01/01/2021
Marc Peebles 01/01/2021
Martin Milkman 01/28/2024
Robin Zhang 2nd Vice Chair 11/14/2021


Location: City Hall
Address: 500 Main Street
Date and Time: 3rd Tuesday of each month at 4:30 pm

Additional Information:

Agendas and Minutes

The most current agenda will be linked below. Meeting minutes will be posted after they are approved at the following Planning Commission meeting. Check the city event calendar for the next meeting date and time.

Recent Agenda - January 21, 2020 (PDF)

Previous Meeting Minutes:

Archived Agendas and Minutes

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