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Planning & Engineering Current Projects

Capital projects through the City of Murray requires the coordination and administration across various  departments and regulatory agencies.  These projects range in cost from a few thousand dollars up to multi-million dollar  improvements. For additional information on these projects or funding information, please contact the Department of Planning and Engineering.



The purpose of this project is to address the vehicular and pedestrian traffic along N. 16th Street from Main Street (KY Hwy 94) to Chestnut Street (Five Points) and the reconstruction/relocation thereof. Below are renderings of preliminary alternatives. The maps take a few minutes load.

Map showing property owned by MSU

Shading Legend

Additional preliminary alternates are listed below as of February, 2016.

Alternate 4 (16th Street Improvement)
    Alternate 4 Sheet 1        Alternate 4 Sheet 2

Alternate 4 Modified (16th Street Improvement)
    Alternate 4 Mod Sheet 1    Alternate 4 Mod Sheet 2

Alternate 5 (16th Street Improvement)
    Alternate 5 Sheet 1        Alternate 5 Sheet 2

Alternate 5 Modified (16th Street Improvement)
    Alternate 5 Mod Sheet 1    Alternate 5 Mod Sheet 2

Business Loop (Preliminary)

16th Street Rendering at Parking Lot Across From Alexander Hall

641 North Sidewalk to Diguid Drive

641 South Widening

Five Points Improvement