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Recycling FAQs

What types of recycling are available?

Currently, the City of Murray offers residents Single Stream Curbside Recycling. As our new recycling program grows, we hope to be able to offer our businesses and industries commercial level Recycling (recycling dumpsters) in the future.

How do I sign up for curbside recycling?

Call (270) 762-0380 or email Please provide your name, address, phone number and Murray Municipal Utilities account number. We request that when you sign up that you are committed to recycling for at least one year to keep this new program sustainable.

How much does curbside recycling cost each month?

It's only $15.00 a month for your personal recycling container. If you have a lot of recycling, additional carts can be provided at $10.00 per month per extra cart.

When is curbside recycling picked up?

Recycling carts are picked up on a separate schedule and route than your normal sanitation service. Recycling carts will be picked up every other week, on Wednesday. Please have your cart curbside before 7am on Wednesday the week of recycling collection.

Does the City have drop-off facilities?

No, since the City provides single stream curbside service. The City's drop off facilities are permanently closed. For other recycling opportunities in Murray and Calloway County please click HERE.

What can I recycle?



Paper Products

How do I start recycling?

Residents who wish to begin recycling simply need to separate the items that are acceptable to recycle from their household garbage. It is important that only acceptable recyclable materials are placed in the recycle carts.

Residents should give a quick rinse to recyclable items to remove food contaminants before placement in recycling containers to maintain a clean and safe recycling cart.

Do I have to separate by type of recyclable?

It is not necessary to separate your recyclables by type. Plastics, paper, cardboard, and steel cans, can all be placed in the recycling cart together and do not need to be further separated. Items should be placed in your cart in a loose form, this helps speed the separation, sorting, and bailing at the recycling facility. Please do not bag your recyclables or place plastic bags in your container as we do not have the means to recycle these items.

Do I have to rinse out my recyclables?

Please remove all lids & give the item a quick rinse. No food or liquid should be present in the container. Rinsing items will help keep your recycling cart clean. It will also prevent bugs, odors, and sticky residue that would contaminate materials in your cart and in our recycling collection truck.

Why should I recycle?

When you recycle, you can improve your community and the environment in these ways:

Recycling is a voluntary activity practiced by many residents and businesses which prevents millions of tons of waste from ending up in landfills. Today, recycling is easier than ever due to manufacturers providing easily identifiable recycling symbols on their products.

Who should recycle?

Everyone should recycle and now curbside recycling makes it even easier for Murray residents. The City of Murray Recycling Program offers a convenient means in which the opportunity to recycle is made available to all residents within the City.

Where can I find additional information?

Questions should be directed to the Solid Waste Manager by calling (270) 762-0377.

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