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Sanitation Department Functions

This division of the Department of Public Works collects and transports solid waste from city customers to the City of Murray Transfer Station. It is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Collecting and transporting refuse from approximately 5500 residential dwellings on a once-per-week schedule. Collections are made with an automated compactor truck with a driver/operator. We have complete curbside pickup service throughout the city. The city furnishes residents with a 96-gallon container that must be placed at the curb on their designated day. Exemptions are made for elderly and handicapped residents; smaller containers are available for senior citizens who live alone and pay a reduced rate. Two residential routes are done Monday through Friday.
  2.  Collecting and transporting garbage and trash from dumpsters and garbage cans located at the rear of commercial establishments on varied schedules. Collections are made with a front-loading garbage compactor truck with a driver/operator. Commercial routes are offered Monday through Saturday.
  3.  Providing customized collection and transportation of refuse for commercial and industrial customers with special needs. Collections are made with roll-off containers and self-contained compactors of various sizes and a hoist truck with one driver/operator.
  4. Providing special pickup service on a call-in basis for residential and small commercial customers for refuse not included in regular weekly garbage pickup. 

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