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Commercial Waste Collection Rules

The following MurraSanitation Department commercial dumpster collection rules are based upon CitSanitation Ordinances and are designed in an effort to protect the healtand safety of both the public and sanitation workers.

Listed below are the rules regarding commercial dumpster collection:

(1)  Collection personneare not required to enteany location whereanimals or other situations constitute a threato their safety.

(2)  Refuse containers remain the property of the Citof Murraand shallnot be painted, abused, mutilated or modified in anmanner.  The sanitationcustomer shall be responsible for the cost repairs oreplacement for anydamageresulting from abuse.  Repairs made due to normal fair weaand teaare performeat no charge.   Iis the customer'responsibility to maintain their containers in a cleaand sanitarcondition.

(3)  All refuse must be in the containers athe time collection personnel arrive to perform collection.  Since the refuse containerand the equipment used are designed to automate the collection process, collection personnel are not required to exit the vehicle or collect any refuse not contained within the container.

(4)  Collection personneare not required to enteany building (business orresidential) for the purpose of picking up or collecting refuse.

(5)  Raw human or animal excretion will not be collected bcollection personnel unless sealed in air-tight and water-tight plastic containers andthen placed in standard refuse containers.

(6)  Prohibited items, sucas batteries, liquids of any kind, pesticides, florescent light bulbs, mercury-containingequipment sucas thermostats or automatic switches, tires, hot ashes, hot charcoaand other Special or Hazardouswastes designateby the United States Environmental Protection Agencand/or the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, are not to be placed within the dumpster for collection.

(7)  Dumpsters shall neither be filled to an overflowing and/or overweight condition nor may thecontain bulky items,sucas furniture items, mattresses, televisions, whitgoodand/or other items similar in nature.  In the event of suchcircumstances, services mabe denied until the problem has beecorrected.  Special Pickup provisions for the collections of these items are listed below.

(8)  Access bcollection equipment to the refuse container must not be blocked.  Multiple attempts for collection on the scheduled daof servicare not attempted.  In the event thaaccess bcollection equipment is blocked, collection will not be reattempted untithe next scheduled collection day.  Icollection cannot wait until the next scheduled daof service, a fee for aadditional pickup shall be charged.  This fee charged is based upon the size of the dumpsterrequirinaadditional pickup.

(10)   The City does provide Special Pickups for residentiaand commercial customers for items that should not beplaced within their refuse container. These items include, but are not limited to, items sucas white goods, furniture,mattresses, televisionsand carpetingProhibiteitems do not qualify for Special Pickups.   Special Pickups are scheduled in advance with the MurraSanitation Department by the sanitation customeaccount holdeand arecompleted on Fridaysexcluding holidays.  There is a minimum charge of $20.00 for this service.  The actual chargesare based upon the time spent at the location at a rate of $80.00 per hour.

(11)  Item's scheduled for a SpeciaPickup are picked up bequipment using a grapple arm. Items need to be placein a location that cabeasilaccesseby the equipment and should not be placed where it blocks thedumpster or is blockeby the dumpster.

Please contact the City of Murray Sanitation Department with any questions, complaints, or issues regarding sanitation services. Please do not contact Republic as they are only a contractor for collection purposes for the City..

The Murray Sanitation Department may be contacted at 270-762-0380.









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