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Community Organizations

Welcome to the City of Murray Community Organizations page. The following organizations are listed alphabetically. For detail information and to visit their website you may either click on their logo or the organization name.

Calloway County Public Library
710 Main Street
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-753-2288
Fax: 270-753-8263

Murray Calloway County Economic Development
PO Box 1911
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-762-3789
Fax: 270-762-4180
Contact: Mark Manning

Murray Calloway County Chamber of Commerce
805 North 12th Street
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-753-5171
Contact: Email

Murray Calloway County Parks and Recreation
900 Payne Street (Office)
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-762-0325
Fax: 270-762-0349
Contact: Betty Hudson, Office Manager

Murray Calloway County United Way
607 Poplar Street
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-753-0317
Contact: Email

Murray Convention and Visitors Bureau
201 South 4th Street
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-759-2199 or 800-651-1603
Fax: 270-761-6793
Contact: Erin Carrico

Murray Main Street
201 South 4th Street
PO Box 143
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-759-9474
Fax: 270-759-9439
Contact: Deana Wright

Senior Citizens Center
607 Poplar Street (Weaks Community Center)
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-753-0929
Fax: 270-753-2374
Contact: Mark McLemore

Murray Watch Center
702 Main Street
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-759-1965
Fax: 270-761-1483
Contact: Peggy Williams

Comprehensive List of Other Organizations