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Central Garage

Gary Clark - Central Garage Supervisor
(270) 762-0381

Mission Statement

Evaluate, understand, and repair any departments vehicles and equipment as quickly as possible. Reducing downtime and cost of repairs.


The City of Murray Central Garage maintains 180 mobile units that are used for city services. All major equipment such as Fire Department vehicles, Police vehicles, Field crew vehicles, Heavy trucks, and all construction equipment are repaired and maintained by the Central Garage as well as most small engine tools which are used by field crews and emergency services. New vehicle and equipment acquisition, Sale of surplus, and management of vehicle lease programs are also services preformed by the Central Garage. There is a monthly maintenance plan in place which is used to track all preventative maintenance as well as all major repairs. The Central Garage is staffed by three ASE certified technicians. All waste oil is recycled to reduce our environmental foot print.

Quick Facts

Total City Vehicles & Equipment: 180
Engineering Vehicles: 6
Public Safety Vehicles: 37
Administration Vehicles: 4
Public Works Vehicles & Equipment: 133
Gallons Oil Recycled / year: 2,400
Gallons Fuel Used / year: 120,000

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