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Prepare to Build

If you are planning to construct or significantly remodel a structure within the City of Murray, the following information will assist in understanding the general requirements. Please contact the Department of Planning and Engineering before construction begins or with any questions you may have at 270-762-0300.

Zoning & Subdivision Requirements

Your site and location must be in compliance with the City of Murray Zoning and Subdivision ordinances and suitable for your proposed use. You should be prepared to verify your property lines via a deed or survey. Zoning information can be obtained from the Department of Planning and Engineering.

Utility Availability

Do not assume that all utilities are available at your building site. Call the Building Official at 762-0300 x. 1131 to verify availability with the utility providers.

Site Improvements

Approval is required from the Department of Planning and Engineering for preconstruction improvements to your building site which may affect street access, culvert installation, drainage and utility location.

Click here to view Stormwater Permit Requirements for Construction Activity (PDF).

Plan Review & Permit Application

An application for plan review and building permit must be submitted to the Department of Planning & Engineering along with two complete sets of building construction plans, a site plan, and appropriate fees. These plans and specifications must be approved prior to issuance of the building permit.

Plan Review Packet

Site Plan Requirements

Every application for a building permit submitted to this office shall be accompanied by a site plan drawn to a reasonable accuracy showing the following:

Plumbing Systems

Plumbing plans for regulated structures must be submitted to the Calloway County Health Dept. for review and approval. Evidence of that approval must be submitted prior to issuance of the building permit. Plumbing inspectors can be contacted through the Calloway County Health Department. Connection to municipal utility mains must be inspected by a representative of the local utility provider.

Electrical Services

Electrical wiring must comply with the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and are subject to the inspections and approval of the certified electrical inspector appointed by this jurisdiction.

HVAC Requirements

All new building permits require a permit from the Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction Division of HVAC.

Building Permit Issuance

When all required approvals are in order and upon payment of proper fees, a building permit will be issued by the Department of Planning & Engineering. A house number will also be assigned at this time. Commencement of construction prior to issuance of the building permit is prohibited.

Codes Currently Adopted by Kentucky

Code books will be available through the Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction, 101 Sea Hero Rd., Ste 100, Frankfort, KY 40601.

Change in Plans

Deviation from approved plans must be authorized by the approving agency. In some cases, submission of revised plans may be required.


Signs must comply with the municipal zoning ordinance. A sign permit is required prior to the installation of all signs and may be secured from the Department of Planning & Engineering.

Other Required Permits


All in-ground and above-ground pools over 24" in depth or 250 sq ft in size are considered an accessory structure and must be placed in rear yard. Said pools will require a pool permit and shall be surrounded by a barrier at least 48 inches above the grade. See pool requirements and permit


Decks are considered an accessory structure. Property owner should check with the Building Department prior to construction to see whether a building permit is required.

Portable Buildings:

Portable buildings may be placed in the rear yard, as long as they meet required setbacks. Any easement restrictions may be enforced without a permit if the buildings are left on the runners they are constructed on and not attached to a concrete pad or foundation. Site built garages or out-buildings are considered accessory structures and do require a building permit. Portable buildings may be placed in the rear yard, as long as they meet required setbacks and any easement restrictions.


Fences under 6 feet in height do not require building permits. Fences must meet zoning regulations.

Building Permit Application Process

  1. Secure application from Building Department.
  2. Complete application and return it to the Building Department, along with your fee.
  3. You must complete a separate application for gas, water and sewer taps.

Building Permit Fees

1-2 Family Dwellings: First 1,000 sq ft $150. Each additional 100 sq ft, $5.

Additions & Alterations of 1-2 Family Dwellings: First 100 sq ft, $50, then $10 per 100 sq ft for additional footage.

Commercial-Industrial: Permit fee shall be $50 for the first $15,000 construction cost. An additional charge of $4/thousand from $15,000 - $100,000; $3/thousand from $100,000-$500,000; then $2/thousand from $500,000. For detailed information on building fees, click here.

Other Requirements

It shall be the contractor/owners responsibility to keep the job site clean from debris that could be carried to adjoining property by wind or rain or any other means. It shall also be the contractor/owners responsibility to keep mud and/or gravel off the paved city streets. Erosion control on the property shall be maintained in such a manner as to keep the soil from eroding onto the streets (Click here to view Stormwater Permit Requirements for Construction Activity).

The City of Murray has a Storm Water Conveyance and Erosion Control Ordinance. The Department of Planning & Engineering should be contacted before beginning any land disturbance activity.

No person shall use or permit the use of any structure or premises that has been issued a permit under a building permit application until a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.

This web page is a guideline of the general requirements for construction within the City of Murray. It is not intended to cover all details or special conditions. For specific information, please contact the Department of Planning & Engineering at (270) 762-0300.

A printable brochure of this web page is available in PDF format. Click here to access the file (PDF).