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Q. How much is a water tap?
A. See the tap fees page

Q. How do I get water service?
A. Apply for the service in our office at 200 Andrus Dr. Office hours are 7am-4:30pm Monday-Friday. You can call us at (270) 762-0336 and have an application faxed or mailed to you if you prefer. Our fax number is (270) 762-0379. Download the application here (PDF)

Q. Does water go by my property?
A. You will need to inquire with Murray Public Works at (270) 762-0336 and be prepared to give the property address.

Q. I'm going to dig; can you mark the water lines for me?
A. Call Kentucky Underground at 1(800) 752-6007 or 811 before you dig. They will notify us and we will send someone out to mark the water/sewer mains and the water meter, but we are not able to mark the service line from the meter to the house.

Q. Why does my water taste like plastic or chlorine?
A. New refrigerators, ice makers, and plumbing are made with chlorine based chemicals and is like a new car smell. It will go away eventually.

Q. Why does my water/ice taste funny?
A. Ice absorbs flavors from your freezer. Ice contains air pockets.

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