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The six broad operating expenditure categories for the General Fund are listed below. The Public Safety sector - Police and Fire operations - represents 72% of the General Fund's spending. General operations expenditures go to cover the Mayor's office, City Clerk's office, and general governmental operations. The Planning and Street department expenditures are used to support the City's development and growth as well as maintain its street and sidewalk infrastructure.

Special Appropriations are organizations and efforts within our community that provide civic good. Transfers of the 4% transient tax to the Murray Convention and Visitor's Bureau is also included in Special Appropriations. A complete listing of the City's special appropriations is available in the downloads section below.

FY2015 General Fund Budget
Spc. Appropriations  $     516,600
General operations          833,800
Planning          387,300
Police      3,025,550
Fire      3,319,100
Street          751,030
Total  $  8,833,380

Expenditures from the City's General Fund are divided into personnel, operating, and capital account categories. A complete listing of the City's operating and capital expenditures - both in Excel and Adobe format - is available in the downloads section below.


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