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Beautification Committee


To foster and recognize efforts in our community to create and maintain a sense of beauty.


Member Appointed By Term Expires
Alice Rouse, Chair City Council 13/31/2024
Johnny Bohannon, Co-chair City Council 13/31/2024
Cindy Chrisman-Veach City Council 13/31/2024
Pat Seiber City Council 13/31/2024
Tom Timmons City Council 13/31/2024
Joy Waldrop City Council 13/31/2024


Location: City Hall
Address: 500 Main Street
Date and Time: As needed

If you are interested in serving on this board/commission please complete an application. or if you would like more information regarding this board/commission, contact the City Clerk by email or call (270) 762-0300.

Beautification Award - September 2023

The Murray City Beautification Award was presented to Watch Inc on 702 Main Street.

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