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Fire & Life Safety Inspections

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the City of Murray passed an ordinance that requires fire and life safety inspections?

Fire and life safety inspections are done to protect property owners and residents from the devastating effects of fire.  By promoting a safe living environment in these types of occupancies, the chance for fire decreases.  Inspections are performed in accordance with KRS 227.320 and the Kentucky Standards of Safety 815 KAR 10:060.

Which types of occupancies are required to have fire and life safety inspections?

Places of Assembly, Non-Public Educational, Business, Storage, Mercantile Industrial, Lodging and Rooming Houses, Special Occupancy, Apartment Buildings with 3 or more units and common areas, Hotels/Motels/Dormitories and Residential Board and Care facilities are required to have fire and life safety inspections.  The Fire Department will strive to conduct annual inspections in these types of occupancies on an annual basis.  In addition, inspections are mandatory for new businesses or businesses re-locating prior to a business license being issued.

What will the inspector look for?

Some of the things that will be looked for during an inspection include: use of extension cords, improper storage of flammable materials, adequate and clear exiting signs, available fire extinguishing equipment that is mounted properly and up-to-date and properly displayed addresses. A copy of the inspection form that the Fire Inspector will use is available to view at the Fire Marshal�s Office. 

What if violations are found?

If violations that DO NOT present an immediate threat to life or property are found, the owner/occupant will be given written notice and an adequate correction period prior to a re-inspection of the property. If compliance has not been achieved prior to the re-inspection, the violation will be referred to the Code Enforcement Board for further actions and possible monetary fines.  Violations deemed to present an IMMEDIATE threat to life or property shall be remedied immediately. The Fire Prevention Bureau will make every effort to work with the building occupant and/or owner(s) to bring the building into compliance to avoid having to take further action. 

When will inspections be conducted?

Inspections will typically be conducted Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm. Property owners will be contacted to arrange a time the inspection can take place.

How long will the inspection take?

The inspection time will vary depending upon the size of the property and the number of fire protection devices located in the property.  The majority of inspections will require 30 � 60 minutes to complete.  A copy of the inspection report shall be provided to the owner/occupant.

What are the fees for Fire and Life Safety Inspections?

In accordance with local ordinance the Fire Department assesses an initial inspection fee based upon the square footage, occupancy type and/or special fire protection equipment and systems that may be present in a structure. The fees charged for these services are designed to cover the actual expenses necessary to conduct these inspections and are not in place to serve as a revenue producer for the City.  A copy of the fee schedule is below.

Non-Public Educational, Assembly, Business, Storage, Mercantile Industrial, Lodging & Rooming Houses and Special Structures

Square Footage                                                                        Fee Amount
Up to 799 Sq. Ft.                                                                       $30
800 Sq. Ft. � 2499 Sq. Ft.                                                        $40
2500 Sq. Ft. � 4999 Sq. Ft.                                                      $50
5000 Sq. Ft. � 7499 Sq. Ft.                                                      $60
7500 Sq. Ft. � 9999 Sq. Ft.                                                      $80
10000 Sq. Ft. � 11199 Sq. Ft.                                                  $100
12000 Sq. Ft. - 14999 Sq. Ft.                                                   $110
15000 Sq. Ft. - 17999 Sq. Ft.                                                   $125
18000 Sq. Ft. - 20999 Sq. Ft.                                                   $140
21000 Sq. Ft. � 23999 Sq. Ft.                                                  $160
24000 Sq. Ft. - 29999 Sq. Ft.                                                   $180
30000 Sq. Ft. � 34999 Sq. Ft.                                                  $200
35000 Sq. Ft. - 41999 Sq. Ft.                                                   $220
42000 Sq. Ft. - 49999 Sq. Ft.                                                   $240
Occupancies 50000 Sq. Ft. or Greater                                  $300 Plus $2 for Every 1000 Sq. Ft. Above 50000 Sq. Ft.
Apartment Buildings with 3 or More Units and Common Areas, Hotels/Motels/Dormitories and Residential Board and Care
Fee Amount
$5.00 per Unit
Additional Fees for All Occupancy Types, if Applicable (These fees are in addition to the fees described above)
Special Equipment/Systems                                             Fee Amount
Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarm Systems,                $30 Each
Standpipes and/or Smoke Evacuation Systems
Fixed Extinguisher Systems, Commercial                      $20 Each
Cooking Hoods and/or Fire Pumps
Re-inspection Fee Schedule
 Re-inspection Fee Type                                                   Fee Amount
 First Re-inspection                                                            No Charge
 Second Re-inspection                                                      $100
 Third Re-inspection                                                           $250
 4 or More Re-inspections                                                 $500

How will I receive the inspection fee invoice?

Inspection fee invoices will be mailed by the Finance Department to the owner as it appears on the occupancy�s Business License. 

What if I fail to pay my inspection fee?

Owners that fail to pay the inspection fee may not be re-issued a City Business License.

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