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                                          Matt Mattingly - City Administrator

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Matt Mattingly moved to the City of Murray in 1990 to pursue an education at Murray State University. After graduation, Matt began his career by working in the private manufacturing industry, where he gained invaluable experience. In 2004, his career shifted to public service when he joined forces with the City of Murray. He spent the first two years as Public Works Project Manager before being promoted to Director of Administration, a position he held for five years. At present, Matt serves the community as the City Administrator. His goal is to build an efficient and service-oriented city organization that operates for the maximum benefit of both the citizens of the City of Murray as well as those who visit or work in the City.

Listed below are the core values that Matt brings to the City Administrator's office. Each value is to be upheld by every City employee.

The City of Murray operates under a Mayor-Council form of government. Within that organizational context the City is authorized to create the "city administrative officer" position (KRS 83A.090). The city administrative officer, or City Administrator, position includes a number of responsibilities:

  1. Advise the executive authority of the city in policy formulation on overall problems of the city;
  2. Supervise the preparation and administration of operating and capital improvement budgets under direction of the executive authority;
  3. Advise the executive authority of the city in the appointment of subordinate administrative personnel if not delegated appointment authority by appropriate order; and
  4. Maintain direct relationships with operating department heads on implementation and administration of programs.

Additional requirements for those holding the position of City Administrator and greater detail of the position's responsibilities may be found in the City of Murray Code of Ordinances, 31.40-31.42.

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